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No contract will exist between you and Mors Hjerte for the sale of any product unless and until Mors Hjerte has accepted your order with a confirmation email and a full payment is taken from your credit/debit card or via Paypal. 

Our acceptance of your order brings into existence a legally binding contract between us. Mors Hjerte reserves the right to cancel your order in the event that we are unable to obtain authorization for payment, if shipping restrictions apply to a particular item, if the item ordered does not meet our quality control standards and is withdrawn, out of stock or if there is an error in pricing or content. We may also refuse to process and therefore accept a transaction for any reason or refuse service to anyone at any time at our sole discretion. We will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss, damage or expenses arising from cancelling your order and we shall have no liability to you, by way of compensation, other than to refund the amount paid for the goods in question.


The prices payable for ordered goods are as set out in our website in EUR (Euro). Delivery charges will be clearly displayed when selected and included in the total cost.

Order Processing Times

For rings and complex pieces, the standard processing time for our breastmilk jewelry is five to ten weeks from the date we receive your breast milk. But this processing time is not guaranteed and can vary depending on the volume and complexity of orders we are currently servicing. Rings are more difficult and can take up to 12 weeks, and longer, depending on the ring, as we custom order rings individually by order, due to the many dozens of variations (model, metal type, size, etc.). 

Refunds, Returns, Exchanges, Change Orders, and Cancellations

Because we make each piece of our breastmilk jewelry by hand and don’t rely on machines or mass production, the imperfections inherent in handcrafted jewelry may show in the breastmilk jewelry we handcraft for you. For example, you may see tiny bubbles in your breastmilk stone, or the edging or shape of your breastmilk stone may be off, or the gold or silver flakes within your stone may not be distributed evenly. And although we strive each time to craft the perfect piece, these imperfections and others are normal, with these variations contributing to your breastmilk jewelry’s depth and character. Each piece we craft has its own story. No two pieces are alike. As a handmade product, there is never the guarantee of a machine finish. Additionally, every mother’s milk is different. Colors, densities and hues differ, and after we cure and dry your breastmilk, turning it into powder, the hues and colors of the breastmilk we start with translate into the same hues and colors in powdered form. If you see something perfectly white in the picture when you order, your breastmilk jewelry piece may come out slightly creamier or a different shade of white. You may even see some breastmilk “specks”, or proteins, that are heavier. This is totally fine, because this is what makes your breastmilk piece so unique and personal. No two pieces are the same.We expect our customers to recognize and accept the handmade and unique and personal nature of our goods, and as a result, we do not offer refunds where the jewelry contains imperfections inherent in handcrafted jewelry and/or does not perfectly match the piece on the website, which is a picture of someone else’s jewelry, unique and personal to them, with its own imperfections.Due to the personal nature of each piece, we do not accept returns. However, if you should receive an item that is defective, damaged or not what you ordered, please contact us here within five working days. We will help you resolve any issues as quickly as possible by repairing or replacing the piece, once the item has been returned to us by post and provided we determine the defects or damage to not be normal course imperfections attributable to the handcrafted nature of the jewelry. We care about our customers and are sensitive to the meaningfulness of their breastmilk jewelry to them. We inspect all jewelry prior to packaging to rule out faults.Regarding order cancellations, we only accept order cancellations where we have not yet received your breast milk, and in these circumstances, there is a $10 fee to cancel, which covers our time and the cost of the breastmilk collection kit. If we have received your breast milk and commenced the curing process, but not completed it, there is a 40Eur fee to cancel, which covers our time, materials, and deposits, if any, on custom jewelry settings. If we have completed the breastmilk curing process and your jewelry is queued for production, or is in production, we do not accept order cancellations.

For all order changes, please email support@mors-hjerte.no for approval, as it depends on which stage your order is at, as well as the piece of jewelry originally selected. 

Product Reviews

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Intellectual Property

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Changes to Terms and Conditions

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